until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 03.12.13

Extreme metal taking you out of your comfort zone

Carcass and Nails bring crushing metal and hardcore to Roskilde 2014. Not for the faint of heart.

We announce music for Roskilde Festival 2014 almost all week. Tuesday is dedicated to tough, harsh sounds. Our wide musical palette also contains black colours for those who love heavy music.

CARCASS (UK) are legends within grindcore and death metal. After 17 years of silence, their new record Surgical Steel rediscovers the assets that have given the band its unique status. Carcass doing Roskilde Festival will be an important event for Scandinavian fans of extreme metal in 2014. 

NAILS (US) play hardcore and take no prisoners. Their 2013 album Abandon All Life delivers 10 brutal tunes in 18 minutes. Nails have something in store for all hard music fanatics – also fans of grindcore and death metal – who cherish maximum brutality and speed.

More music tomorrow
It’s nice looking towards a new Roskilde season, right? Yesterday we started out with Deerhunter, Haim and MØ. Today we’ve given you a trip to the dark and brutal music genres. We look forward to introducing even more names tomorrow. Those names are American but with less punishing riffs and fast drums than today’s announcements. 



Carcass are back after a 17-year-long break - with a jawbreaker of an album. Very promising for the concert at Roskilde 2014.


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