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Monday 26.09.11

Festival award for world music

The Egyptian El Mastaba centre for local music is this year’s recipient of Roskilde Festival’s World Music Award.

The award amounts to € 30,000 and will be handed over by the director of the Oslo World Music Festival, Alexandra Archetti Stølen during the WOMEX (World Music Expo) award show in DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Concert house on Sunday 30 October

Roskilde Festival’s board of directors has chosen the El Mastaba centre as the recipient of the award for their inclusive work with children and young people in the Egyptian musical cultural heritage and giving the next generations the tools to carrying on the traditional Egyptian musical culture. Thus the money is used for strengthening the work with including and educating children and young people in traditional Egyptian music.

Cardiac arrest from excitement
Roskilde Festival’s board of directors select the award recipient based on nominations from the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF) and the WOMEX organisation. Peter Hvalkof, who is the world music booker at Roskilde culture service, is coordinating the whole shebang. He will also be giving the good news to the award winner.

He will do so very carefully, since Peter Hvalkof saw how last year’s award winners “almost went into cardiac arrest from the excitement”. He explains: “This is a lot of money in that part of the world, and it provides them with completely different opportunities. Suddenly, it is possible for these passionate people to realise their dreams.”

Traditions are maintained
Zakaria Ibrahim, the founder and director of the El Mastaba centre, is honoured and excited by the recognition of the centre’s work with “developing cultural projects and maintaining traditions”. Ibrahim also expresses joy that he had the opportunity to visit Roskilde Festival 2011. He visited in connection with a concert featuring El Mastaba artist Rango on the new intimate stage Gloria.


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