Thursday 08.09.11

Festival donation ends up as fresh fruit

The Roskilde Festival Charity Society donates DKK 200,000 to DanChurchAid’s educational work with ‘The World’s Best News’ initiative. On Friday, the donation will be turned into 150,000 pieces of fruit that will be handed out all over Denmark.

By: Anders Hjortkær Christensen

On Friday 9 September, 2,000 volunteers from Danish development organisations will hand out 150,000 pieces of fresh fruit and great news from the developing countries in more than 100 Danish cities.

The fruit handout is part of the educational campaign ‘The World’s Best News’ which will educate Danes about the great and permanent progress the initiative has made for the world’s poor and needy. In other words: Action makes a difference.

So when you take a bite of your apple, you can take pleasure in the thought that as a volunteer you have helped support this great initiative.

The reason is that the Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated DKK 200,000 to DanChurchAid, which is one of the organisations behind the campaign.

Visit, where you can read more about the initiative and participate in a quiz. The grand prize is a trip to an African country.

The fight against poverty bears fruit.

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