until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 19.06.14

Festival goers create organic beer for Roskilde Festival

Three dedicated festival goers and beer enthusiasts have been given the very special honour to make the beer recipe for Roskilde Festival. The end result is an organic India Pale Ale with notes of orange, six percent alcohol – and not least the scent of fresh festival! The beer is brewed by Jacobsen.

”Would you like to help create a new Roskilde beer?” That was the question we put up on our website in January. As it turned out, quite a lot of people were interested. About 360 festival goers to be exact! However, we only needed three people and after a meticulous selection the three people were chosen. The three young beer enthusiasts; Roald, Jonas and Sandra were teamed up with Carlsberg's in-house brewery, Jacobsen, and together they had to infuse a beer with Roskilde Festival's well-known “Orange feeling” - summer, joy and love were must haves.

Ecology in focus
The only demand we had was that the beer had to be organic. Sustainability is a central issue for Roskilde Festival. For a number of years, the festival has worked to increase the organic selection in the festival stands, and for that reason it has been our wish to offer the festival goers an organic beer.

Facts on Jacobsen's Roskilde Festival beer:
Jacobsen's Roskilde Festival beer is a dry hopping, top-fermented Pale Ale. Among the flavouring ingredients are: orange and the following types of hops: Citra, Summit and Mosaic. The beer has an alcohol percentage of 6 percent.

Approximately, 6,500 litres of the new beer has been brewed. It is a draught beer, which you can buy in the Jacobsen bar in Roskilde Food Court and will cost: small (0.3 l): 26 DKK/large (0.5 l) 40 DKK – both are including refund.

'Orange feeling' in a beer. Try it exclusively at Roskilde Festival 2014.

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