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Thursday 20.12.12

Festival profit goes to Christmas aid in Denmark

One million kroner was donated by Roskilde Festival to aid organisations making Christmas and winter less cold for marginalised Danes.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

All in all Roskilde Festival donates 1,000,000 kroner to organisations making a difference for marginalised Danes.

Among the recipients are Mødrehjælpen (Mother’sAid) that will receive 500,000 kroner as a contribution to the organisation’s Christmas aid for hard-pressed families.

“We help families who are really struggling all year round, not just at Christmas. This year we have received 28% more applications for Christmas aid compared with last year, and the donation from Roskilde Festival means that more needy families can be accepted and receive aid from Mødrehjælpen in the last minute,” says the CEO of Mødrehjælpen, Mads Roke Clausen.

At the same time the organisations Morgencafé for hjemløse (morning café for homeless) and Gjaestebud receive 250,000 kroner each for their work with improving the life quality of the homeless and the socially marginalised in Denmark; an effort which often takes place below the radar of the public welfare system.

In addition the festival has bought 50 Christmas trees from the Homeless Christmas tree sale on Sundholm which last week had the same number of trees stolen. However we have raised the price to DKK 500 each ourselves.

‘Smokes and dog food’
With these donations Roskilde Festival also wants to underline the need for private organisations and volunteers, who make an actual difference for marginalised Danes. Organisations, whose work is often challenged by some politicians’ intense and suspicious rhetoric when it comes to poverty.

Steen Jørgensen, chairman of the board of Roskilde Festival Charity Society, says:

Some MP’s openly say that poverty is self-inflicted, and that people spend their money on smokes and dog food. At the same time the aid organisations tell us that the need for aid both for marginalised children families and the homeless is on the rise. That is why we are donating our profits to organisations that actively help those Danes who are fighting to make it work on a daily basis.”

On 20 December Roskilde Festival Charity Society has inserted full-page advertisements in a number of the largest newspapers in Denmark in connection with the donations. Under the headline ‘Smokes and dog food’ the festival call attention to the fact that we still need to deal with prejudices on poverty in Denmark. 

The add can be seen herePDF


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