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Thursday 01.12.11

Festival refund feeds the homeless

Refund on the zip wire and festival profits have benefitted the Danish organisation fødevareBanken, a FoodBank,which will now be able to feed the stomachs of 100 homeless people every day for a year using surplus food.

By: Jeppe Lund

2,500 meals for the homeless and marginalised people in Copenhagen. Every day for two and a half months. Or 100 full homeless stomachs from three meals a day for a whole year.

This is the significance of the donation that fødevareBanken received from  Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

The organisation receives surplus food from manufacturers and supermarkets and hands it out to society’s weakest citizens.

The voluntary organisation received the refund from Tuborg’s Green Tower where festivalgoers could enjoy a ride on the zip wire over the gravel pit and into the inner festival area if they donated ten pieces of refund. The amount from the collected refund was then rounded up to DKK 200,000 by Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

And it has made a difference in fødevareBanken, says Thomas Fremming. He started the organisation in 2008, and currently, he is the only paid employee.

– For us it is about getting as much food as possible out to people as soon as possible. The donation makes that possible for us, says Thomas Fremming. He thinks the organisation could get much more surplus food out to shelters in Copenhagen if it had more resources. He stresses this because the Danish capital is not in short supply of surplus food.

fødevareBanken is financed by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs’ rate adjustment pool and has almost 90 volunteers.

Visit fødevareBanken (Danish only) 

Photo: Klaus Elmer

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