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Thursday 15.12.11

Festivalgoers handed out donations to street newspapers

Four Scandinavian street newspapers have each received DKK 200,000 from Roskilde Festival’s profit. The donations were handed out by Scandinavian festivalgoers. Watch the video here.

By: Pelle Fischer-Nielsen

Roskilde Festival Charity Society have recently donated a total of DKK 800,000 to four street newspapers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The donations each amount to DKK 200,000 and the recipients are the Danish street newspaper Hus Forbi and the Scandinavian counterparts: Oslo in Norway and Faktum and Situationen in Sweden.

Dialogue with the vendors
“I must say, we were surprised”, says Rasmus Wexøe Kristensen, Secretariat Director at Hus Forbi.

The newspaper’s focus is on being a newspaper for the homeless, and the homeless will also influence what the money will go to. For that reason, Hus Forbi cannot at this moment give a precise answer to what the money will be used for.

“We will talk to our vendors. Through our text messaging-network, we have sent out the great news and asked for inputs on where the money could be put to best use”, says Rasmus Kristensen.

A dry place
In Gothenburg, the editor in chief of Faktum, Aron Israelson, is also very pleased with the money, which has already been put to good use.

“The money was a God-send. We need it for developing the organisation in more cities, so even more homeless people will get a foot in the labour market, and to create a better newspaper that more will buy. We also do a good deal of social work which we can now develop further, he says.


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