until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 23.01.13

First Junior acts are ready

Baby In Vain, Mother Lewinsky and Overthrow are added to the 2013 lineup.

Three acts have been booked for the Pavilion Junior stage - the bands on this stage play in the early period of the festival from 30 June to 3 July.

BABY IN VAIN (DK) find their inspiration in dragging stoner rock and slack grunge from the 90s. Their guitar rock is rattling, reckless and tuneful. None of the girls in the promising trio has turned 20 yet.

MOTHER LEWINSKY (DK) use the violin as the centre in their advanced pop music. The three masterminds behind the grand live orchestra see Mother Lewinsky as a playground where they can explore the potential in using strings to create a delicious pop sound.

OVERTHROW (NO) makes the blood boil with an aggressive mix of metal, hardcore punk and genuine rock’n’roll. Attention has grown around Overthrow, especially after the debut album Adjust to Darkness saw the light of day. Their sonic punch-in-the-stomach has triggered comparisons to Kvelertak who's also from Stavanger and in the 2013 Roskilde lineup.

Festival as ladder towards climax
The announcement of bands for the Pavilion Junior stage takes place slightly earlier than usual. We consider the overall festival as an eight-day-long experience ladder. This leads to a festival that increases in intensity and peaks between Thursday and Sunday. As all eight days form a total experience, it's now natural to start unveiling what music you can catch during the earliest days of the festival.


Overthrow makes the blood boil with an aggressive mix of metal, hardcore punk and genuine rock’n’roll.

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