Tuesday 15.11.11

From homeless to football star

With the support of Roskilde Festival, eight homeless people had a great experience as national idols at the Homeless World Cup in France.

By: Pelle Fischer-Nielsen

Football, fans and sunshine in Paris. For a week in August, eight Danes replaced their everyday lives as homeless people in Denmark with the role as members of the Danish national football team at the World Cup for the homeless. It was a fantastic experience, which will help change their lives.

– The atmosphere was fantastic, and our boys got an enormous amount of praise and a great crowd of fans. This experience can act as a push in the right direction and turn their lives upside-down. One of our players have already taken the leap and has started taking his degree in Social Education, explains Ole Kristensen, the secretariat director for OMBOLD. This is an institution that helps the homeless by bettering their lives through sport.

But the small football delegation almost had to stay in Denmark and enjoy in the rainy Danish summer. To survive, OMBOLD needs the financial support to a high extent, and usually the support cannot be used for travelling abroad.

So something extraordinary was needed if the trip to Paris was to be ensured. This is where Roskilde Festival Charity Society stepped in and supported the French football adventure with DKK 164,000.

– It meant everything that Roskilde Festival chose to support our trip to the World Cup in Paris. Without their donation we would not have been able to go, Ole Kristensen points out.

And the results in Paris? There is almost no need to mention the results, because the most important thing is participating, but Denmark did fabulously and won against nations like Portugal, France and Mexico.


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