until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 20.06.13

Full version of the official app ready for download

The final version of our official festival app is ready to be downloaded for your iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

Keep Roskilde in your pocket if you have a smartphone. The last couple of months we have been working hard together with Trifork and design firm Duckwise to get all the different features in place in the festival's official app for iPhone and Android – and the final app is now ready for download.

Camp Events = YOUR events
All the classic and basic features such as the band list, programme, map, information and Arts & Creation events are included. You can set the alarm on all the things you really don’t want to miss and compose your own programme of music, events and parties at the same time. In "Camp Events" you and your camp can upload your own parties and events – and find other people’s parties and events as well.

Talk to a stranger and update your smartphone
The app works without network coverage, but also allows you to update and synchronize data horizontally via Bluetooth. All it requires is that you find a kind soul nearby with an updated phone of the same type, Android or iPhone, and then sync data. The solution (Trifork Relai) is developed by Trifork. 

Help, I have a Windows Phone
Fear not. All thanks to the help of a volunteer SWAT team of developers from Bluefragments (amongst others), we've devised a rock'in official app for the Windows Phone 8. With this you can get a good overview of the artists, schedule, news etc., but apart from this the Windows Phone app can help guide you back to your tent, or to a friend's camp, should you be lost.

How to get your hands on the app


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