until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 29.01.14

Gimme indie rock! Roskilde Festival 2014 gets alternative

Black Pus, Future of the Left, Hookworms, Julia Holter and Merchandise join the line-up.

Roskilde Festival 2014 provides ample opportunity to meet some future favourite bands. Today’s batch presents some of the most edgy, fresh and new names in alternative rock. 

BLACK PUS (US) unleashes psychedelic forces from the beyond in some kind of overheated mixture of free jazz and noise rock. Brian Chippendale is celebrated chaos duo Lightning Bolt’s drummer – performing as Black Pus he is the sole musician on stage. With manic drumming, effect pedals and his own distorted vocals, he effectuates a thick, sonic attack nonetheless.

FUTURE OF THE LEFT (UK) are constantly on the lookout for sacred cows to slay with their feisty mix of alternative guitar rock, punk and hardcore. The sarcastic contrarians cunningly combine mayhem and bookish intellect and are regarded by many as one of the most overlooked bands in the UK.

JULIA HOLTER (US) has been introduced to Roskilde’s audience in 2012. The highly detailed music has a light touch, making Julia Holter’s universe alluring and broad. According to picky music magazine Wire, Loud City Song, Julia Holter’s third record since 2011, was the best album of 2013.

HOOKWORMS (UK) play narcotic, ice-cold noise rock based on infinite loops, ferocious creativity, and a sense of underlying depression. The list of noisy bands fond of the 70s acid rock scene and the cosmic repetition of kraut rock is long. But few of those bands share Hookworms’ bite and sense of newness.

MERCHANDISE (US) consists of members who used to be part of Florida’s hardcore scene, but today most people cherish the band for their American update of The Smiths and Joy Division. Their planned 2014 album finds the band on legendary label 4AD and with an altogether new modus operandi. The noisy romantics plan to reinvent themselves as a pop band.



Julia Holter was on many 'album of the year' lists. she will return to Roskilde Festival in 2014.

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