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Friday 03.05.13

Go out with a ska-punk and Balkan bang at Arena

Dubioza Kolektiv and Voodoo Glow Skulls close the curtain in style Sunday night with an epic final party at Roskilde Festival 2013.

There’s something very special about Sunday night at Arena. The stage becomes the absolut center of Roskilde Festival, and it’s a party designed for the most dedicated music fans, those eager for one final, big.

Balkan-favorites Dubioza Kolektiv and ska-punkers Voodoo Glow Skulls have been given the honour of sending the last party-loving Roskilde Festival audiences back to reality in a right and proper mannor.

The final party of this year’s festival will be a tornado of political bite and forceful energy, from rebellious Eastern European sounds to hotheaded ska-punk.

”Dubioza Kolektiv are a perfect match to the many energetic Balkan-parties, which Roskilde Festival has come to be known for. Fans of bands such as Gogol Bordello should really save their last bit of energy for Sunday night at Arena,” says booker Peter Hvalkof.

From the Balkans to California in the heat of the night.

After Dubozia Kolektiv’s concert, we move from the ever swarming Eastern Europe to the ska-punk scene of Western California – all in one night.

”Voodoo Glows Skulls are more or less legendary. Their music is unpredictable, and the tempo is extremely high, all while there’s a strong Jamaican groove and a clear sense of melody,” says booker Stefan Gejsing.

It’s Friday night – and spring has arrived

Finally, one last request. It’s Friday night in a few hours, and spring has finally arrived: If you listen to some of this music, we’ll almost guarantee you that the very special Roskilde Festival feeling will wash over you before you know it.

Voodoo Glow Skulls and Dubioza Kolektiv are bringing the final party at Arena.

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