until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 19.09.13

Here's the best photo

The winner of the audience contest for best photo has now been found.

The thousands of Roskilde-goers don't only contribute to the party we know as Roskilde Festival. They also help document it. Lots of camera lenses point towards the events in front of the stages and in the camps.

True to tradition, after the festival we had a contest for best photo taken by the audience.

Now we have found the winner and her name is Ana Santini. She has taken a photo of groups of Roskilde-goers hanging out after the party has ended in front of Orange Stage. They are all illuminated by beams from the lighting towers. A new tradition perhaps?

The winning photo was chosen by a jury consisting of both audience members and volunteers.

Congratulations to Ana and thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Remember to bring your camera again in 2014 when we'll do another contest. 

See some of the photos below - the winning photo is the first in the gallery.


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