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Thursday 10.01.13

Highasakite to play Roskilde Festival 2013

The Norwegian shooting stars are added to the lineup along with Ukranian band Dakhabrakha.

Eurosonic Noorderslag soon takes place, and on this occasion we announce two exciting bands who also play at the Dutch showcase festival.

HIGHASAKITE (NO) seems to be the new big Norwegian music act. Their alternative pop is filled with hit potential and catchy tunes. "Indian Summer" has already spread its heavy-hearted sweetness on the radio. The song is almost a signature tune for the Norwegians who like to play live wearing Indian outfits.

DAKHABRAKHA (UA) creates a self-confessed "ethnic chaos" of sensitive falsetto vocals, accordion, cello, bass-dark jazz and Ukrainian folk music. The expression is spiritual, melodious and here and there almost a bit scary like the most shadowy corners of a remote bazaar. Elements of both Indian, Arabic, African, Russian and Australian descent pop up along the way.


Highasakite seems to be the new big Norwegian music act - photo: Thea Hermansen

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