until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 25.06.13

Hook up your mobile to Wi-Fi at Roskilde Festival

We offer wireless internet for all web-hungry Roskilde-goers with hook-ups from several hotspots.

Are you part of the majority who brings a smartphone to Roskilde Festival? Then we have some good news for you.

We’re offering Wi-Fi – wireless internet – for all festival-goers. The price is DKK 35 (approx. 5 euro), and then you’ve got internet throughout the festival week. However, you need to be close to our hotspots to go online.

We offer hotspots in the following areas: all agoras, CITYcentre East/West, Get A Town Uptown, At the sails, Gloria Zone, Sonic Zone, Trade Zone and Urban Zone (see map)

You go online by connecting to the open, wireless FestivalNet. Here you can buy access and log on. You can also pre-buy access now by visiting FestivalNET.dk

Huge increase in mobile coverage
Several mobile service providers guarantee increased coverage, so if you’re sticking to internet connection through your phone company, you can look forward to a massive increase in both coverage and capacity compared to last year. The number of masts have gone up from 13 to 22, and the capacity on all masts have been doubled.

Avoid a flat battery
We offer several possibilities for recharging of your phone at the festival. At all luggage storages you can have your mobile recharged for DKK 10 (approx. 1.5 euro) – you just need to bring your own recharger.

You can also buy or rent a special mobile battery from Volt. When it’s out of power, you can exchange it to a fully recharged battery – again and again. Buy before the festival at a special price - DKK 99 (approx. 13 euro - normal price 27 euro) + a deposit of DKK 200 (approx. 27 euro) which you will get back when you hand in the battery again.

If you’re looking for a free recharging service, head towards phone company 3’s stall 3Reload, located in Apollo Zone at Roskilde Festival. They’re open all week.

Photo: Mathias Bojesen

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