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How to get to Roskilde

Travelling to Roskilde Festival from abroad? Here is a list of the different travel add-ons we offer this year.

If you are travelling to Roskilde Festival from abroad we offer a number of different options to make your journey to Roskilde as easy and comfortable as possible. 

Take the bus directly to Roskilde Festival with Festivalbussen
Festivalbussen offers direct bus service from selected cities in Norway, Sweden and Northern Germany, the busses go from the selected cities and directly to s designated area in Camping West at Roskilde Festival, where you are guaranteed a spot. More about Festivalbussen.

If you choose to arrive by car, we encourage you to share your ride. It is by far the most environment-friendly. So fill the car. If you are into making new friends, saving money and getting special parking options, check out Roskilde Rideshare.

Have others arrange the trip for you
For those attending the festival from outside of Denmark, or those who want to attend but don’t want to camp, Festicket has crafted a number of flexible ticket and hotel packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

In the festival period there will be shuttle busses and trains going to the festival site from Roskilde Station. Check out the travel site for more info. 

How to get to Roskilde Festival 2013

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