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Friday 28.02.14

Kasabian to play Roskilde Festival 2014

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Bl'ast!, The Men and Rumble In Rhodos are also confirmed and ready.

Just as you thought the week's most important music news lay in retrospect, more news is brought from Roskilde Festival.

KASABIAN (UK) played their first concert on Danish soil at Roskilde Festival 2010. In 2014 the band returns with greater Scandinavian attention and a new album just around the corner. The Brits play the kind of danceable British rock that is perfect for summer ecstasy and sloshing beer mugs. Their straight-forward appearance combined with an artistic ambition have made the four lads from Leicester their very own existence on the British music scene.

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS (US) deliver a tour de force of thrash and hardcore with maximal dedication and little desire to please. Despite metal sainthood and three decades under the banner of metal – e.g. with Down and legendary Pantera – Philip H. Anselmo carries on through the mud without surrender.

BL’AST! (US) started out way back in the early 80s. Their ferocious, punishing hardcore has waited far too long for recognition. These guys deserve a place in the hardcore hall of fame next to Minor Threat and Black Flag.

THE MEN (US) evolve at a rapid pace. Lately, the Brooklyn band has toned down the punk expression in favour of a more traditional American rock expression. But even when The Men dive into classic rock, their loud music is still full of dirt, punk attitude and perfect for stirring up a festival tent.

RUMBLE IN RHODOS (NO) have gone through quite some changes. The Norwegians have become much more melodic and accessible. Grace and Nuance – their fourth album – lives up to its title. Here you get psychedelic pop – far away from the post-hardcore we first heard from them when they visited in 2008.



Kasabian played their first concert on Danish soil at Roskilde Festival 2010 - in 2014 the band returns.

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