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Monday 25.02.13

Kraftwerk to play Roskilde Festival 2013

The electronic legends are back 15 years after their last visit.

The German legends and genre shapers return to Roskilde Festival. Their last concert in 1998 is still semi-mythical amongst fans of all kinds of electronic pop.

KRAFTWERK (DE) return to Roskilde Festival with their special 3D show, which has carried away London’s Tate Modern as well. This concert is one of few chances in Scandinavia to see the Germans who serve up a futuristic bouquet of their biggest hits on our Orange Stage. 

3D glasses for the audience
Roskilde Festival hands out glasses to the audience so that everyone gets the right visual space age sensation worthy of the future-minded computer sounds. We have loads of them so that everyone can experience the influential band the best way.

Genre-shaping cyborgs
The legends from Düsseldorf were the first modern band to use electronic instruments solely. On immortal masterpieces, Kraftwerk constructed a universe of electronics, cyborgs and laser-guided synths, their synthetic beauty and ice-cold futurism has paved the way for everyone from Depeche Mode to Skrillex.

So, it's a big event to have the Germans back in 2013 when the future has already begun but Kraftwerk's music still sounds strange and at once enthused and frightened about the progress.

Kraftwerk returns to Roskilde with a special 3D show - photo: Peter Boettcher

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