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Wednesday 30.01.13

Kreator to Roskilde Festival 2013

Also, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Anaal Nathrakh ensure musical shell shocks.

Three heavy names add extra weight to the Roskilde Festival's music program.

Today's package gives room for some legends that have helped create and develop a central genre. At the same time Roskilde Festival continues a tradition of great diversity in the metal programme by also accommodating the more extreme forms of metal.

KREATOR (DE) are German metal kings who have been making the stage boil for more than 30 years. Since the early 80s, these Germans have been spitting out albums that have enshrined their sound in the thrash genre DNA. Their last album is the Phantom Antichrist from 2012, showing a band in great form.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (US) made ​​its name with complex hard core, which is not only brutal, but also jazz virtuoso-like and filled with surprising genre detours. Their live shows are intense bursts of energy, where the complexities occasionally explode in a ferocity that has made the band's concerts legendary and infamous.

ANAAL NATHRAKH (UK) uses elements of black metal, melodic death metal and grind core to blur the boundaries of how uncompromising you can use the heavy music to evoke a dark cloud of terror and death. When Mick Kenney and David Hunt perform on stage, they usually bring in reinforcement, so together they can match the attack of the guitar and growls on the Brits’ albums.


German thrash classic add extra weight to the program


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