until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 12.03.14

Lykke Li is ready for Roskilde Festival 2014

I Break Horses, Samaris and Say Lou Lou also add some Nordic, female power to the line-up.

We have solid female vocalists from the far north as the common denominator in today's bouquet of new acts.

LYKKE LI (SE) defies easy labels and bite hard if you try to typecast the singstress with the soft soprano. Sorrowful, 60s-esque girl pop, folk and classic singer/songwriters are just some of the sources of inspiration the already experienced star use in her melodious and quiveringly vulnerable songs.

I BREAK HORSES (SE) have devoted themselves to a dizzyingly weightless and atmospheric expression where synthesizers paint cascading colours across the horizon. Their latest album Chiaroscuro represents a further leap away from the noise rock they were originally inspired by.

SAMARIS (IS) weaves a tapestry of electro-acoustic hypnosis by means of clarinet, laptop and clear, spell-binding vocals. you can experience the Icelandic trio's organic electronica on Apollo Countdown, Roskilde Festival's stage for electronic music in the early days of the festival.

SAY LOU LOU (SE) have reaped international praise with their synthesizer pop that is both dark-as-the-night, ethereal and with plenty of Swedish hit potential. BBC has nominated Say Lou Lou for 'Sound of 2014' – they also play Apollo Countdown where the electronic talents and profiles of tomorrow are swarming.



Lykke Li visits Roskilde Festival under her own name for the third time - photo: Josh Olin

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