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Friday 20.12.13

Major Lazer get the night buzzing at Roskilde Festival 2014

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri and Systema Solar are also ready.

In the middle of the Christmas rush and the winter darkness, we announce a small bunch of glowing, exotic names.

Already last year we came close to catching Major Lazer, but unfortunately tour logistics got in their way. This time we are in luck! Major Lazer main man Diplo, who has proven his worth at our festival before, is a party starter and trendsetter very likely to get Orange Stage buzzing.

MAJOR LAZER (US) aims the guns at Orange Stage. American super cosmopolitan Diplo, the project’s main finger-on-the-trigger, constantly hijacks musical genres and builds his own chrome-shining distortion of dancehall, reggaeton and practically everything else with a (dance) pulse.

Two more names in global colour
In addition to today’s Orange smash hit, we give you two more acts adding global colours to the music line-up.

MARK ERNESTUS presents JERI-JERI (DE/SN) sounds like stepping into a spiral of syncopated rhythms with the shimmering vocals of Mbene Diatta Secks on top. As an ambassador, mastermind and producer for this clan of musicians, Mark Ernestus is making the world a larger and roomier place for music lovers.

SYSTEMA SOLAR (CO) mixes house, hip hop and techno with Columbia’s own genres such as cumbia, champeta and bullerengue. Everything under the Latin American sun has melted into a mix of equal parts urban beats, Caribbean light and elements from South America’s African diaspora. Reports tell of a live band in great form.  

See you in 2014 …
There is much more music in store on the other side of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. With today’s anything-but-christmasy music announcements we wave goodbye to 2013. We aim to surprise, please and stimulate you also in 2014 with many more additions to the music line-up.



Major Lazer is ready for a night party on Orange Stage.

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