until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 10.04.14

Make your own Roskilde soundtrack and win tickets

Set the mood: We’ve lined up three Roskilde scenarios - now it’s up to you to choose the soundtrack.

Which concert do you go to when you’re in a party mood? And the morning after? And what is your best Roskilde soundtrack for a romantic moment?

We have prepared three classic Roskilde scenarios - the party, the date, the chill-out. It's up to you to choose the perfect soundtrack. Go through all three of them, fill in a little info about yourself - then you’re part of the draw for 5x2 tickets to this year's Roskilde Festival.

Your picks are also the beginning of your very own line-up which you can then build on top of.

It takes all of our new platform - you get here a taste of some of the new features we're working on for an upcoming website.

Follow the link and start putting together your own Roskilde soundtrack. We draw winners after 1 May.


Photo: Christian Hjorth
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