Monday 26.05.14

MØ and Moderat switch places

We've made a few minor adjustments in the band schedule.

Roskilde Festival listens and pays attention when the audience discusses the band schedule. Generally it seems to be well received. One point of criticism, however, has appeared again and again – and we have once again looked for ways to make the Sunday evening schedule as smooth as possible.

MØ has now switched places with Moderat. The latter slot will also be pushed forward half an hour. This means that MØ will play on the Arena stage at 18:30, and Moderat get the later slot at 21:00 on the Arena stage.

We have also moved Future Islands half a day forward – they will play Friday night at 01:00. The trio was previously scheduled for Friday afternoon.

A little bonus: This reshuffle actually leaves some extra space in the schedule. Now we have not just one but two vacant slots on the Avalon stage. We are working on filling them out as soon as possible.


We've moved around MØ (photo above), Moderat and Future Islands in the band schedule.
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