until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 05.02.14

More American hip hop gold at Roskilde Festival 2014

A$AP Ferg, Earl Sweatshirt and World’s Fair are added to the line-up.

Three razor-sharp and fresh hip hop acts from US join the music programme.

A$AP FERG (US) is the Harlem crew A$AP’s crown prince and has justified his status with Trap Lord, a debut album full of shabby beats, smoking guns and a certain amount of 90s nostalgia. A$AP Ferg has also given the clubs the groovy, dancehall-like party banger “Shabba”, another prove of a new big talent.

EARL SWEATSHIRT (US) was for long hip hop collective Odd Future’s mysteriously absent member. Now the West Coast rapper has stepped onto the stage with the solo debut Doris. Here, we meet a boy who is transforming into one of alternative hip hop’s big laid-back voices. His misty hip hop prefers complex rhythms and technical brilliance over hit list potential and corny choruses.

WORLD’S FAIR (US) have named themselves after the world exhibition that bathed the whole city in (extra) glitter in 1964. This collective wants to do the same for Queens in 2014. Fronted by six very different MCs, World's Fair is a motley bag of treats. The first step on the way to the Queens renaissance is Bastards Of The Party, which is indeed a party album. The promising collective brings the party to Roskilde Festival. We can’t wait.



Earl Sweatshirt from hip hop collective Odd Future is playing at Roskilde 2014

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