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Wednesday 06.03.13

More electronic music at Roskilde Festival 2013

Simian Mobile Disco, Carli, Eik, Gnucci and Lemâitre are added to the lineup.

After last week’s release of the German electronic legends Kraftwerk, this week we focus on some brand-new upcoming electronic acts.

However today’s British addition to the lineup are well on their way to becoming an institution amongst fans of techno, house and electronica. 

SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO (UK) has combined dance-friendly club music, experimental techno and pop bangers since the beginning of the new millenium.  The duo has become highly respected VIPs who merge the best of electronic music capitals such as London, Detroit and Chicago.

CARLI (SE) is an overwhelmingly talented DJ and producer. The eclectic Swede has built up a CV bulging with transatlantic impact and VIP collaborators. A shooting star who has already received the endorsement of Robyn and A-Trak, among others.

EIK (NO) specialises in 80s-tinted nostalgia and colour-saturated soundscapes full of disco and synth pop. The duo, which turns into a quartet on stage, creates dreamy electronica full of gentle synths and wonderful minor tones with impressive ease.

GNUCCI (SE) finally takes the stage on her own, having served under the flags of prior Roskilde acts such as Spoek Mathambo, Mash Up International and Schlachthofbronx. Now the time has come for us to get to know the gifted brunette entirely on her own terms.

LEMÂITRE (NO) aims at becoming the Norwegian equivalent to French acts such as Justice, Phoenix and Daft Punk. The international audience will surely continue dancing when Lemâitre this year releases another EP of organic electro beats, called Relativity 3.

The shooting stars will take off at Apollo Countdown
Carli, Eik, Gnucci and Lemâitre will play the Apollo Countdown stage, which is the home of elctronic beats during the first four days of the festival. Simian Mobile Disco will take on Apollo between 4 and 7 July.


The British electro duo Simian Mobile Disco will play Roskilde Festival.

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