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Wednesday 10.04.13

More upcoming names for the Roskilde Festival 2013 line-up

Today’s Danish package range from acoustic folk to punky electro.

These additions to the band list all play at Pavilion Junior; the Roskilde Festival stage which focuses on young, Nordic acts.

In the quiet part of the spectrum we find SCHULTZ & FOREVER and KRISTINA RENÉE, who despite a number of differences both play Nordic, acoustic pop based in the singer/songwriter tradition. SO-SO ECHO also play delicious pop, which like the movie Drive is rich with the feel of Los Angeles, wrought with danger and brimming with international format. BROKE departs from the financial crisis and prove that punky electro is best during recessions. Joining the fray from the experimenting part of Copenhagen are TRAVELLING TRIBES, who use the entire palette of world music as departure point for their alternative rock.

Thursday next we give you the poster

Start looking forward to Thursday next where we unveil the poster for this year’s festival. Only half of the line-up has been disclosed so far and the day will be full of music in all imaginable tonalities, moods and genres; a colourful cornucopia brimming with diversity, popular favourites and lots of surprises - in classic Roskilde fashion.


Roskilde Road Trip

Some of today's bands will also play at Roskilde Road Trip where you can catch them for free.

SCHULTZ & FOREVER will play in Bergen 19 April and Oslo 20 April.
BROKE will play in Hamburg 19 April and Malmö 20 April. 

Have a look at the full Roskilde Road Trip program here.



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