until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Friday 09.05.14

Move into Dream City at Roskilde Festival 50 days before everyone else

Dream City still has space for more committed camps.

On Saturday May 10 a bunch of dedicated camps move into the camping grounds where they start building their camps in the area, which we call Dream City.

In Dream City you can create your dream camp - and already now decide where in the attractive camping area H your camp should be.

We still have available space for your camp if you want to join in.

Dream City is Roskilde Festival's user-driven area where the camps treat other participants in the form of, for example, parties, sustainability and general inclusion. One of the camps is composed of theologians who have already built a pulpit and now they're working on a church. Another camp want to build an urban garden. And geologists make the gravel pit in the area a positive thing because the many years of digging have ensured that many fossils have surfaced.

Dream City celebrates 50 days remaining days until Roskilde Festival
On Saturday there is exactly 50 days until we start the festival - and 50 days before everyone else Dream City start things up. And that calls for a celebration. At 10:00 we serve champagne and start building. At 18:00 we start up a barbeque and a party with DJs. Come join us!

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