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Wednesday 24.04.13

Music collective INGRID at Roskilde Festival 2013

INGRID will take on the Orange Stage at this year’s Roskilde Festival with a unique show of the very best tunes from the Swedish music collective.

An impressive sample of Sweden’s most successful pop acts has created the music and label collective INGRID. They will perform a unique show at Roskilde Festival on the Orange Stage, including songs from LYKKE LI, PETER BJORN AND JOHN, MIIKE SNOW, COCO and J. ÅHLUND as well as several special guests from both Sweden and around the world.

Although LYKKE LI, PETER BJORN AND JOHN, MIIKE SNOW, American sidekick COCO and J. ÅHLUND certainly deliver on their own, together they have created a universe allowing new ideas, songs and whims to blossom. For Roskilde Festival they are creating a unique music event, packed with surprises and visual delights. The line-up will take the stage as one large band and treat us with both fresh compositions and well-known hits served in new ways.

Bjorn Yttling from PETER BJORN and John gives a sneak peek into the unique Ingrid show at Roskilde:

“We are sort of just a big group of friends from Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles who did a lot of things together and spent time together at the Ingrid Studios. We got the idea that we wanted to collaborate and do more things together so two years ago we loosely formed this music collective; Ingrid.

Last summer we played a show at Way Out West in Gothenburg called Ingrid Live, which was really cool but our show at Roskilde Festival will be a completely different thing. The show at Roskilde will be bigger and it will be outdoors, but to be honest nobody really knows what will happen. We will play songs separately, we will play songs together and we will bring some of our friends from both Stockholm and around the world to perform with us. Its going to be a big mash-up of all our music and we will play some new songs from the different bands and we will play songs that we have never played before and that we will never play again. For the show at Roskilde we will do things smaller and bigger and weirder all at the same time.”

This array of stellar names has only played two intimate club shows in the past, so they’re heading for a spectacular world premiere in the large format of Roskilde Festival’s Orange Stage this summer. This exciting new collective will only be playing two concerts worldwide in 2013. You will have to wait a bit longer to find out which special guests Ingrid are bringing to their Roskilde show – they are not quite ready to reveal all their secrets yet.

Ingrid performing at Way Out West 2012:

Illustrious pop collective

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