Tuesday 16.04.13

New donations to support citizenship

Young organisations help festivalgoers expand their projects. In Dream City at Roskilde Festival 2013 you can realise your own innovative Projects.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

As a part of CHANGE, Roskilde Festival 2013 will support a handful of young organisations that work with citizenship and open innovation. You have the opportunity to realise your own ideas through free access to 3D printers, recycling of old electronics, and the chance to have fun in an adventure house or developing sustainable energy sources.

Change through open technology
You can meet the various organisations in Dream City at Roskilde Festival 2013 where they are a part of MakerSpace. Basically, a makerspace builds on the idea of democratising and sharing knowledge and technology in order to make it useful to a larger group of people. Come by and be part of creating a better festival city.

These are the organisations that have received donations from Roskilde Festival:

  • 100InOneDay
    On 25 May 2013 they will challenge and inspire the Copenhagen urban space through urban initiatives. Read more here www.100pa1dag.dk (only in Danish)
  • FabLab
    FabLab will give ordinary people access to digital manufacturing technologies through e.g. 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines. Read more here www.fablabdanmark.dk (only in Danish)
  • Labitat
    The group rethinks, rebuilds, uses and reuses old and new electronic parts, so that they can be used in other contexts. Read more here www.labitat.dk
  • The union Climate Aid
    In Dream City MakerSpace festivalgoers can make their own sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, in the days before the, festival we offer solar cell workshops in cooperation with Climate Aid to festivalgoers from Dream City. Read more here http://www.ve.dk/climate-aid-forside
  • INSP!
    In a house of fun in Roskilde the union offers people to explore who they are, what they can do and what is possible. Read more here www.insp.dk (only in Danish)

Donations to collaborators in MakerSpace go to the organisations’ over-all work with involving young people in a sustainable and socially acceptable development of society based on open source methods.


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