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Tuesday 20.12.11

No, we are not going to evade the issue

Take a look at the Statement advertisement, which is causing commotion right now: “It is unacceptable and inhumane that the Danish welfare society is avoiding to take the necessary action,” the ad says.

By: Thomas Lenler Olesen

These days, Roskilde Festival Charity Society is placing some big advertisements in Danish newspapers. “It is unacceptable and inhumane that the Danish welfare society is avoiding taking the necessary action. We are just evading the issue,” it says, among other things, in white lettering on orange background.

The aim is an official Danish poverty line, and the advertisements also underline the Charity Society’s current donations to the Danish Mothers’ Aid, Gjaestebud and the Danish People’s Aid.

Spokeswoman: It has political appeal
“The wish to introduce a poverty line has been the aim of our campaign throughout the whole year. It has political appeal, but the politicians’ role is to decide where to set the poverty line, and we do not propose anything in that regard,” said spokeswoman Christina Bilde to Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende yesterday.

In the same article member of Danish party Liberal Alliance, Joachim B. Olsen accuses Roskilde Festival of derailing the discussion on poverty, while Berlingske Tidende rock editor, Thomas Søie Hansen dubs the advertisement a breath of fresh air and political in the light of the humanitarian attitude that has always marked the festival.

Check out the advertisement here (Danish only)


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