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Wednesday 13.02.13

Nordic package ready for Roskilde Festival 2013

Bendik, Dråpe, Indians, Pää Kii, Ásgeir Trausti and Wintergatan are added the the lineup.

Today's announcement is a true Nordic package, covering the full geographical spectrum from Iceland to Finland.

BENDIK (NO) hover in the same air space as Mew and fellow Norwegians Lukestar, even though their expression is a bit more electronic than that of their colleagues. The trio is keen on mixing the grandiose with icy harmonies so that you almost feel the polar wind.

DRÅPE (NO) produce roaring, dreamy guitar noise with yearning angelic vocals hovering on top. Their first EP is full of noise pop taking off on pink clouds for the upper part of the atmosphere.

INDIANS (DK) is an international success with a record deal with the iconic 4AD label. Influential media such as NME and Pitchfork praise the debut album Somewhere Else. With a broad palette, the versatile musician creates weightless pop, combining acoustic folk with psychedelic electronica and atmospheric soundscapes.

PÄÄ KII (FI) delivers no-nonse punk as if taken from the late 70s. Devoid of detours of any kind. The Finns sing the rocking and rolling punk tunes in their strange mother tongue. Still, they have been nominated for a Nordic Music Prize for their energetic and fast-selling debut album.

ÁSGEIR TRAUSTI (IS) may be the hottest new Icelandic act right now, and he is nominated for a Nordic Music Prize. The music is based on naked, beautiful songs, written and played on his acoustic guitar and spiced up with electronic features. The band version of the concerts includes musicians who normally play in his older brother’s reggae band Hjálmar.

WINTERGATAN (SE) is like a journey into the world of a shimmering music box with a bunch of mainly electronic musicians as guides. And even though only two songs are shared with the public so far, Wintergatan displays a flair for poetic sound images not unlike those of Frenchman Yann Tiersen.


Indians is an international success with a record deal with the iconic 4AD label and praise from influential media.

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