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This year Roskilde Festival’s special Orange Donation will be presented by Metallica. They have chosen to give the donation of 250,000 dollars to sick and vulnerable children and young people in Denmark.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

Each year Roskilde Festival Charity Society selects an artist who collaborates on picking a project or an organisation that will receive a donation from Roskilde Festival Charity Society. In earlier years M.I.A. and Bruce Springsteen have helped pick organisations and purposes on behalf of Roskilde Festival. This year 250,000 dollars have been earmarked for Orange Donation.

Saturday night at Roskilde Festival 2013 Metallica took the Orange Stage. In addition to speading joy to a crammed Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival Metallica also spreads good festival atmosphere and great happiness in other parts of Denmark through Orange Donation.

They have chosen four organisations to receive donations from Roskilde Festival Charity Society. The four organisations work with children who are sick or vulnerable and who need special help.

Orange Donation amounts to 250,000 dollars and is shared by the four organisations.

Christina Bilde, spokeswoman for Roskilde Festival, says: “We are happy that Metallica takes part in our charity work like that. And also that they have picked these organisations, as the non-profit work benefitting children and young people is a central part of the purpose of Roskilde Festival Charity Society”.

Metallica has chosen these four organisations:

The Child Cancer Foundation has since 1995 supported research at many levels in treatment of cancer diseases with children. Furthermore, The Child Cancer Foundation helps children with cancer and their families with experiences and pampering donations making the difficult time easier to handle. Read more here www.boernecancerfonden.dk (only in Danish)

Children’s Welfare is a humanitarian organisation that have worked with children’s rights in Denmark with special focus on child neglect for more than 30 years. Among other things Children’s Welfare has an open hotline for children, they counsel children in troubled families, train children counsellors, help stop bullying and always see the problem from the child’s perspective. Read more here http://www.bornsvilkar.dk/BV/In-english.aspx#.UkbUlNK-3lM

headspace Danmark is a relatively new volunteer organisation for children and young people who are psychologically vulnerable. Their purpose is to offer help before the problems grow too big. Here, children and young people can have an informal chat, a network and do activities with other like-minded. headspace is one of a few organisations in Denmark that work with prevention of mental problems. Read more here www.headspace.dk (only in Danish)

Ungt Sind (Young Minds, in English) is an organisation that work with helping young people who have mental problems and diseases. The organisation work with creating networks for the challenged youths and to do activities that will prevent the young people isolating themselves in their disease. Read more here www.ungtsind.dk (only in Danish)


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