until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 05.03.13

Orange up your ringtone

We are proud to announce the official Roskilde Festival ringtone – designed by Mexican sound designer Pablo Betancourt who will visit Roskilde Festival for the first time this summer.

Most of you probably recognise the Roskilde Against Drugs tune playing at the stages at Roskilde Festival before the bands hit the stage. For many festival-goers this represents the feeling of anticipation, summer and joy of Roskilde Festival.

We challenged sound designers and festival lovers from all over the world to design a tune that captures the orange feeling in only 30 seconds, and thus we introduce the Official Roskilde Festival Ringtone.

More than 150 tunes were submitted and sound designers from all over the World participated in the contest through Audiodraft, which is a creative hub for sound designers. 10 finalists were chosen and you decided the winning ringtone.

Download the Official Roskilde Festival Ringtone and enjoy the Orange Feeling every time your phone rings. 

Photo: Silas Staal

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