Thursday 06.03.14

Outkast reunion show at Roskilde Festival 2014

Chance The Rapper also join the line-up.

As an extra, special gift this week, we serve up a round of superior hip hop, consisting of a true legend plus one of tomorrow's hottest stars.

OUTKAST (US) have developed their own blend of horny funk, lounge lizard pop and alternative rock with their uniquely intelligent rapping on top. With immaculate style, wit and general don’t-give-a-fuck-ness, the duo has created some of the genre’s most beloved hits. The double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is the best selling hip hop album ever. Andre 3000 and Big Boi together at Roskilde Festival will be a grand hip hop spectacle - and it's a pleasure to finally announce this group.

CHANCE THE RAPPER (US) steps confidently on to the stage and challenges the rank of artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar. The humour, the acid and the twisted touches are along for the ride when Chancelor Bennet with his yelping rap delivers the goods on a canvas of urban and various music genres.



Outkast are reunited on our Orange Stage for a grand hip hop spectacle.

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