Monday 03.02.14

Psyched Up Janis revisit their home turf

The Danish legends drop by 15 years after their goodbye concert, which also took place at Roskilde Festival.

We kick off this week with a piece of noisy 90s nostalgia.

PSYCHED UP JANIS (DK) has agreed to meet the demand from a generation who has entered adulthood to the soundtrack of classic tracks like “I Died In My Teens”.

The legendary duo’s first Roskilde visit in 15 years will be a party likely to stimulate both memories and guitar amps.

The music on their 90s classic Swell was pungent and melodic. Already at this point it was clear that Sune Rose Wagner had a talent for grainy guitar rock full of bite, nostalgic innocence and evergreen potential.

This gift would later also serve him well as part of the internationally acclaimed duo The Raveonettes.

Psyched Up Janis’ said goodbye to their audience at Roskilde Festival’s Green Stage back in 1999. It will be beautiful with a visit from these Danish legends. Psyched Up Janis played countless Roskilde shows through the 90s.

We continue with more names on Wednesday
Not into noisy rock or Danish nostalgia? Don’t worry. On Wednesday we dress in golden chains, sneakers and Stars and Stripes and announce an entirely different bunch of names.



Many people know Sune Wagner from The Raveonettes - at Roskilde 2014 he plays with his former band Psyched Up Janis - photo: Søren Solkær

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