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Sunday 01.12.13

Put a Roskilde gift card on your Xmas wish list

Let your friends and family know that you want to go to Roskilde Festival.

Need inspiration for this year’s Christmas wish list? How about a Roskilde Festival gift card? It may be the smallest present under the Xmas tree, but without a doubt the biggest experience...

With a Roskilde gift card the giver decides if she wants to put a contribution on the card or give the full amount worth a full festival ticket. You can put everything between DKK 50 (approx. 7 euro) and DKK 2500 (approx. 335 euro) on the card. Even a small contribution helps you on the way towards this summer’s ultimate festival experience at Roskilde Festival.

The Roskilde gift card is for sale from 1 December 2013. Find the direct way to the gift card through the ‘ticket’ menu item on our website. Then you know where to direct your family members to if they want to make your biggest Christmas wish come true.



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