until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 21.05.14

Quench your thirst with a new and organic Tuborg at this year's festival

Roskilde Festival presents a new organic festival beer in collaboration with Tuborg Brewery.

At this year’s festival you’ll have even more choices when it comes to the selection of drinks. The latest addition is a new and organic Tuborg beer. The new beer goes by the name Tuborg RÅ and is brewed with organic ingredients.

Tuborg RÅ is an unfiltered and organic beer carrying the Danish “Ø” organic label. The beer has a rich and complete flavour thanks to malt, hops and yeast residues that are not filtered out. Tuborg RÅ has an alcohol content of 4.5 percent.

The new beer has been developed in collaboration with Tuborg based on a strong desire from us and a growing interest for organic and sustainable food and beverage options from many of you festival-goers. Roskilde Festival has an ambitious goal of having 30 % organic ingredients in the festival stalls this year, and a selection of food and beverages at the festival must be organic. These include iceberg lettuce, coffee, wine, juice and all dairy products.

Tuborg RÅ is only available on tap and produced exclusively for the summer festival season.

Tuborg RÅ will cost the same as a regular Tuborg beer:

  • Small (0.3 l): DKK 25 / Large (0.5 l): DKK 38 – both incl. refund
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