until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Saturday 01.12.12

Relive Roskilde Festival 2012 while competing for cool prizes!

Throughout December you can participate in our “What happens next” video quiz and win the Ultimate Roskilde Festival Kit and a guided backstage tour on Roskilde Festival.

There’s no absolute truth about Roskilde Festival, but if there were one it would be: you never know what happens next. Our brand-new film quiz is all about figuring out just that.

All the video footage in the quiz is from Roskilde 2012, and the questions are related to the everyday life of the festival-goers. So if you participate, you can win cool prizes and relive some of the atmosphere from 2012.

Each day throughout December we release a video and a question. Your chances of winning increase with every correct answer, but with just one single correct answer you’re in the draw for a guided backstage tour for the entire camp, an Ultimate Roskilde Festival Kit for your camp containing all the need-'n’nice-to-have things such as a lightweight pavilion, festival chairs, condoms, sunscreen, loads of duct tape and five crates of beer and food tickets.

You can keep track of your personal score, which is updated every day at midnight when we announce the correct answers. We also give props to the top quizzers with the most correct answers on the scoreboard throughout the month.

Remember, the more you participate, the bigger the chance of winning.


Films produced by Søren Bang Clemmensen. Videographers: Jacob Jorp Hansen, Christoffer Sandau Schuricht and Christian Helskov Nielsen


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