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Tuesday 16.04.13

Roskilde Festival 2013 line-up release events at Roskilde Road Trip

Watch the line-up release on Roskilde Road Trip.

Why not come join Roskilde Road Trip where you can watch it with a lot of other Roskilde Festival fans when Roskilde Festival reveals the entire line-up for this year's festival on Thursday 18 April at 8 pm?

There will be free concerts in the following cities after the line-up release:

Hamburg: Bottled in England (DK) + Die Vögel (DE)

Malmö: Summer Heart (SE) DJ set + Friendly Beastly Coyote (DK) + Compadre (SE)

Oslo: Eik (NO) + Lemâitre (NO) 

Check out the full Roskilde Road Trip program here

Roskilde Festival is currently on tour as Roskilde Road Trip in Northern Europe, where you're invited to an entire week of free concerts, art installations, workshops, debates and parties.

Gothenburg  6 - 13 April @ Röda Sten

Oslo 13 - 20 April @ MESH

Bergen 13 - 20 April @ Østre

Malmö 13 - 20 April @ Inkonst

Hamburg 15 - 20 April @ MS Dockville Festival Site

Watch the line-up release on Roskilde Road Trip.

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