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Friday 10.01.14

Roskilde Festival 2014 starts here

Let’s celebrate the new year with a quick overview of some of the things that you can look forward to at RF14. Two new stages are on the way, and we have big plans for Street City and Dream City. And lots of new music will be announced in the coming weeks.

So far we have unveiled 16 acts for RF14. From now on we are speeding up the announcements.

We have to reach no less than 160 acts before the poster is filled up.

The first version of the poster will be presented to you on 2 April, and it will include our take on the most iconic, contemporary, exciting and challenging music right now.

Avalon surrounded by trees
When you land at the festival site this summer, you’ll find a whole new stage between the trees west of the Orange Stage.

We call it Avalon, and we are experimenting with a new flexible format that combines a roofed tent with an open air view to the stage. This means that concerts on Avalon can be experienced in a close and intimate setting when you are surrounded by 2999 others guests in the crowd – but also as a party maker when 12,000 people turn up for a show.

New stage for Rising stars
We’ll also build a new stage to serve the artists who have yet to experience their breakthrough. It’s at our festival that you will meet the talents before they are breaking the sound barrier elsewhere. In 2013, was one of our bids for a future star – in 2014 she’ll perform on a much bigger stage.

The new stage – which we have named Rising – is located on your home turf, the camping area. The artists are all yours – give them a warm welcome!

In total, you’ll find  seven stages on RF14 – Apollo, Pavilion, Avalon, Orange Stage, Gloria, Arena and Rising - and a heck lot of beautiful sound, lights and visuals, which we integrate into the music experience to the extent that you are unlikely to meet at any other festival.

Big plans and wild camps
We have big plans for the skating mecca Street City in Camping West. Here we’ll invite more international stars to the ramps. And do expect that we will lure you there with a party or two that you haven’t heard of in advance.

We can also assure you that the co-created Dream City is here to stay. 35 camps created the city together in 2013, and we aim at opening the area for building and constructing many weeks in advance in the spring of 2014. So think creatively and keep an eye on our website if you want to contribute to a wild and sustainable camp at Roskilde Festival.

We are also preparing our extensive art committee in the new Art Zone. Our volunteers are working with new ideas to make it easier for you to clean up – because we really need your participation, so we can use our profits on charity instead on garbage trucks.

In a few weeks, we’ll present the final recipients of donations as you may have suggested in the campaign Your Donations in the autumn. We received more than 200 propositions from our guests, which is far beyond our expectations. Thanks!

Time to say goodbye...
We’ll never make space for new things if we don’t say goodbye to old things.

We say goodbye to the stages Odeon and Cosmopol to welcome two new stages. The sustainable Odeon reached 10 years on the field behind Orange Stage, but now we are planning to build a fairly attractive camping area on the spot instead.

We are also examining whether the grass field that finally replaced the gravel pit is strong enough for the weight of all your tents and heavyweight mobile stereos in 2014.

You have also visited Pavilion Junior and Sonic Zone for the last time. We will sharpen our focus on upcoming music with the new Rising stage instead, and the blue Pavilion stage will remain as the boiling rock club where you can get really intimate with the artists.

We’ll also put our cinema on stand-by in 2014, until we have a more brilliant idea (than the open-air version in 2013) that can shake new life into the 20-year-old cinema.

Finally, we say goodbye to 24 hours! RF14 opens Sunday 29 June at 18:00. We think that the festival period was too long and unclear, since we moved the opening till Saturday back in 2010. Now we are tightening up a bit. You can now look forward to four days of life, partying and music at the campsite – followed by four days of music and arts at the festival site.

Save up with Flexpay
And all of this is just a superficial scratch in the surface. Our volunteers are busy planning the best environment and experiences for you and your camp, and we can only advise you to keep an eye out for more news on this page or on Facebook or Twitter (our event tag is #rf14).

If you are already convinced and tempted by the prospect of a week-long festival bash in Roskilde, you can buy your ticket here.

Do you have low tide on the account in January, you should consider our new Flexpay solution where you pay what you want, when you want. It does not get any easier to save up for the best party this summer.

Photo: Vegard S. Kristiansen

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