Wednesday 05.06.13

Roskilde Festival announces full schedule

Find out when all 195 acts will be playing.

It’s ready. The schedule of Roskilde Festival 2013 has arrived.


Turn on your printer and sharpen your pencil – or lean back in your couch with your smart phone. The time has come for you to explore and plan your route through a beautiful mess of genres, artists and nationalities. As always, we also give you the opportunity to compose your own customised schedule of personal favourites and must-sees.

The greatest puzzle of all
Roskilde Festival’s bookers have been working until the eleventh hour to make the schedule as flawless as possible. And although all imaginable considerations have been made, it is difficult to avoid the experience of clashes for certain parts of the audience.

Each year as the schedule sees the light of day, we are reminded how versatile our audience is. No matter our effort to avoid convergence between the artists, there is always someone who wants to be there during all acts and finds it unbearable to miss out on something.

We know from experience that alterations may occur until last minute. Don’t forget to check the final edition of the schedule before the music kicks off!


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