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Wednesday 14.03.12

Roskilde Festival donates ambulance to Syria

The readers of Danish newspaper Politiken have raised funds for an ambulance. Roskilde Festival Charity Society is now joining the relief aid and is donating one more ambulance.

Before long, two ambulances will make emergency responses in Syria to help the injured civilians. One ambulance is bought and paid for by readers of the daily newspaper Politiken. The other ambulance is donated to Politiken’s fundraising campaign by Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

Each ambulance is worth DKK 360,000 and will help save lives in Syria. The ambulances will be used for evacuating injured people and getting them treatment at a clinic or a hospital.

While the Syrian government troops and uprising forces are fighting, the civilians suffer tremendously under the violence. According to Red Cross, snipers, hails of bullets and bombings are everyday occurrences for more and more Syrians. And there is little help to be found. Red Cross is among the few international relief organisations that are present in Syria.

We experience the world just watching passively on while more and more innocent people die in Syria. And it hurts even more when we witness the relief aid having trouble getting into the country. When we read Politiken’s initiative for the ambulance collection among their readers, we wanted to support it. That is why Roskilde Festival Charity Society is donating the money to buy one more ambulance to help in Syria.

Currently, the readers of Politiken have donated more than DKK 435,000. The amount surpassing DKK 360,000 for one ambulance will secure important supplies of medicine.

The profits from each year’s Roskilde Festival go to non-profit purposes and the festival has supported Denmark’s Collection, the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan, the victims of the war in Iraq and Doctors without Borders. Since 1971 Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated more than DKK 200 million.


  • The uprising in Syria has been going on for more than a year
  • Red Cross is collaborating with the Red Crescent movement to help the victims in Syria
  • According to the UN, more than 7,500 people have been killed
  • One ambulance costs DKK 360,000
  • The readers of Politiken have donated more than DKK 435,000 – the remainder is used for buying medicine
  • The Danish Foreign Ministry has donated DKK 5 million to Red Cross’ work in Syria.
When we saw Politiken’s initiative for an ambulance collection among their readers, we had no doubt. We wanted to support this compassionate initiative.

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