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Saturday 04.02.12

Roskilde Festival donates DKK 250,000 to Denmark’s Collection

Part of the profit from Roskilde Festival 2011 will be donated to the work for improving the conditions in New Africa.

In South Sudan it is not a matter of course to put food on the table or to enrol one’s children in school. Part of the aim of this year’s Denmark’s Collection is to give South Sudanese families an opportunity to establish small farms and in that way put food on the table in families where the children’s childhood is marked by chaos and flight from the long-standing war.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society hands over DKK 250,000 to Denmark’s Collection on Friday 3 February. This enables them to equip 2,000 South Sudanese families with a ‘farming packet’ that contains a sickle, hoe and crops.

South Sudan is one of the countries Denmark’s Collection focuses on this year. The nation is less than one year old and is heavily marked by the long-standing  war and disaster, which has sent thousands of families and children on the run.

“For us it is important that donations make progress in the long run and like this one helps the families to take an active role in the development of their country. The projects in Denmark’s Collection make a big difference in this area, and we want to support that”, says Christina Bilde, spokeswoman for Roskilde Festival.


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