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Tuesday 02.10.12

Roskilde Festival gave DKK 250,000 to local unions

At ‘volunteer Friday’ in Roskilde, Roskilde Festival was there to donate DKK 250,000 in total to ten different local unions that make a difference outside of the ordinary.

By: Janus Flachs Madsen

Ten local Roskilde based unions were pleasantly surprised when Roskilde Festival handed out the money at the event ‘volunteer Friday’ on 28 September at Musicon in Roskilde.

Each union received DKK 25,000; among them were football clubs, senior clubs and a mountain bike club. What the ten unions have in common is that they do something extra for their members and the local community. 

See what unions received money here.

Ten unions received DKK 25,000 each from Roskilde Festival
Photo: Christian Gjedsig Grauslund

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