until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 14.11.13

Roskilde Festival is in Bergen tonight

Watch Casiokids live at Roskilde Road Trip Bergen.

Roskilde Festival is on a road trip through Scandinavia, and tonight we are in Bergen. During the last couple of weeks Roskilde Road Trip has been to Malmö, Hamburg, and Oslo and tonight the Orange Feeling will hit Bergen, where Norwegian band Casiokids is playing at Kvarteret. Supporting Casiokids is local hiphop-group JKD & The Bastards.

Doors open at 21.00 and it's free. 

Bergen Student-TV has offered to livestream both concerts allowing everybody to experience the two bands spreading a bit of festival feeling. The show starts 22.30 an you can watch it here: bstv.no/live

Casiokids have played Roskilde Festival twice. In 2008 they played Pavilion Junior and Odeon in 2010.


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