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Tuesday 12.05.09

Roskilde Festival launches web TV

Now you can watch film clips from previous years. Roskilde Festival also aims at getting more concert films.

Today Roskilde Festival launches a brand-new web-based TV channel. Here you can watch lots of film clips from previous years.

We have long wanted a great platform that can present film material from the festival. Our archives are full of material that we're sure all Roskilde fans are interested in watching.

Right now you can watch historical film clips from the early 70s, the rainful year of 2007 as well as the many sunny years. You can also watch interviews with two acts on this year's festival poster, Gojira and Jenny Wilson. The channel also presents concert clips with Mew, Placebo, The Streets and Franz Ferdinand, among others.

Goes for more live material
Concert recordings are a priority for Roskilde Festival's web-based TV channel.

It's clear from all the e-mails we receive from our audience that people really want to watch concert clips. And it's something that we are working hard on getting. The cameras are actually already rolling on the large stages, shooting pictures to the large screens. Now we also need them to press those record buttons. However, there are some clearing difficulties, as it always requires acceptance from the artists – and they are not always easy to get. But we are working hard on getting at least a couple of live clips.

Lots of films during the festival
And much more is coming from this year's Roskilde Festival. In collaboration with Papagaio Film, a film crew is capturing life at Roskilde during the festival. All material is edited and published on a running basis so that shortly after, the recordings are available online. For those who are not at Roskilde – and for those who come home from Roskilde to watch and relive the festival experiences.

Watch Roskilde Festival's web TV via 'TV' in the menu or directly via the link roskilde-festival.tv.


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