until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Monday 17.06.13

Roskilde Festival leads the way with organic food

Roskilde Festival is working together with Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, to develop a new legal framework. As result, visitors on this year’s Roskilde Festival can find Organic labels on the food stalls.

Normally, only established restaurants can market their organic label, but during a yearlong cooperation, Roskilde Festival and Danish Veterinary and Food Administration have managed to expand the use of then Organic Label also to festival events. At this year’s festival, you can find the well-known Organic Label at the front of some of the food stalls.

You find the Organic labels appear in the tree categories gold, silver or bronze. Gold indicates that 90-100 % of the ingredients are organic, silver 60-90%, while bronze signifies a 30-60% use of organic ingredients.

Besides working with the Organic Label, Roskilde Festival and the food stalls are obliged to use an extensive list of organic ingredients. All dairy and coffee products on the festival are organic, and in 2013 also wine and juice will be organic. The mission is that 30% of all ingredients on this year Roskilde Festivals will be organic. Both the visibility and credibility of the Organic Label are great advantages for awareness around this matter – so keep an eye out for them.

Read more on www.økologisk-spisemærke.dk.

Organic Labels

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