Wednesday 09.01.13

Roskilde Festival supports Denmark’s Collection and organises event in Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Festival and the city of Roskilde hosted Eastern Denmark’s Collection 2013. The donation from Roskilde Festival was for DKK 1 million.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

In Roskilde Cathedral more than 50 volunteers from Roskilde Festival came by to hand over the donation of DKK 1 million.

Roskilde Festival donates to African development projects
With this donation Roskilde Festival Charity Society enters the top five of the largest donations from businesses to Denmark’s Collection. “As a non-profit festival we have a tradition for supporting development projects in Africa as well; via Denmark’s Collection and through other organisations. Through the years we have donated more than DKK 15 million to projects in Africa, like: handling climate changes, school and training projects, fighting diseases and ensuring greater political influence for young Africans”, says chairman of the board in Roskilde Festival Charity Society, Steen Jørgensen.

Cathedral makeover
The participants in Eastern Denmark’s Collection Show had the opportunity to see Roskilde Cathedral like they have never seen it before - and never will again. A five-hour show with concerts, rappelling, acrobatics and a special menu from Meyers Køkken took place in the church. Roskilde Cathedral was lit up with colourful lights and a deep bass sound; much deeper than what people are used to hearing in the church. That night 200 performers created a special show for an audience of about 650 people. Examples are James Blake, who had a world premier with the live performance of his new ‘Retrograde’, young parkour athletes took the stage, dancehall rythms made the church vibrate and the Danish actors Wikke and Rasmussen, Jytte Abildstrøm and Thure Lindhardt had a talk with the night’s hosts Peter Mygind and Ulla Essendrop.

About Denmark’s Collection
Denmark’s Collection 2013 is a joint collection for the benefit of Africa, organised by DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and 12 of Denmark’s biggest humanitarian organisations. The organisations work to get Africa out of poverty and to further the UN’s 2015 goals. Denmark’s Collection was first held in February 2007, and has collected almost DKK 500 million in total for the benefit of development projects in Africa. In 2012 the total amount collected was DKK 87 million for children on the run. Read more about the Eastern Denmark’s Collection at


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