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Friday 08.06.12

Roskilde Festival supports help to self-help

Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated DKK 75,000 to ADDA’s work with 10 local infrastructure projects in North Vietnam.

By: Jeppe Lund

We are not giving the poor people fish, we are teaching them how to fish themselves.

That is how the Western aid for developing countries was once described. And that is the thought behind the project ADDA (Agricultural Development Denmark Asia). This time, it is not about fish, but about growing crops.

Actually, simple education can help create a valuable network for the poor farmers – a network which can help better the methods of cultivation and with it strengthen the farmers’ earnings. That is the basis of the work the Danish NGO ADDA is doing in Vietnam, Cambodia and Tanzania. And the learning method is the same everywhere.

Local instructors get an education at an agricultural college. Then the instructor passes his knowledge on to the farmers in the individual villages through the course of three to four months in Farmer Fields Schools. In that way a network of farmers is created, and it can be a basis for partnership or self-help groups that can build wells and irrigation plants to benefit the whole area.

For the last five years ADDA has helped start about 500 small farmer groups in North Vietnam alone. Read more about their work on www.adda.dk.

Farming conditions in North Vietnam have improved thanks to ADDA’s work.

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