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Friday 19.07.13

Roskilde Rising bands play Malmöfestival

Roskilde Rising bands Ice Cream Cathedral and Baby in Vain play this year’s Malmöfestival.

In collaboration with Öresundsfestival, Roskilde Festival presents two of the rising stars from the festival’s upcoming initiative Roskilde Rising, who will play Malmöfestival in August.

Ice Cream Cathedral and Baby in Vain will play on Saturday 17 August on Gustav Adolfs Torg in Malmö. Both bands played the Pavilion Junior stage during Roskilde Festival 2013.

Ice Cream Cathedral
With a great ear for golden melodies, Ice Cream Cathedral move self-assuredly in the air-thin part of the atmosphere. On their first album The Drowsy Kingdom the Copenhagen trio has found their own niche between synthesizers, nostalgic retro pop and warm streams of new age, drawing an independent line like the vapor trail from an aeroplane on a clear blue sky. Anja T. Lahrman’s crystal clear vocals secure the human presence in a music electrically charged with sadness and dream.

Baby in Vain
They aren’t old enough to remember the 90s, yet they still manage to take you back to a point in time and a place that feels a lot like smoky backstreet bars in Seattle with sticky floors and no aircon, but a maxed out sound system and Bill Clinton on the flickering telly behind the bar swearing his innocence. Baby in Vain have found their inspiration in dragging stoner-rock and grunge, and Benedicte, Lola and Andrea’s songs manage to be a charming mix of rattling and reckless, yet tuneful, harmonies delivered with a 2 finger salute-attitude.

Check out the full line-up for the free concerts here: www.oresundsfestival.com

Watch Ice Cream Cathedral's Roskilde Festival concert here: 

Baby in Vain

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